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Mrs. Yonson Turn Me Loose!

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Mrs. Yonson Turn Me Loose!

SKU: CD203

by LeRoy Larson and the Minnesota Scandinavian Ensemble. Just released November 2006. With banjo, accordion, fiddle and more, LeRoy Larson, Mel Brenden and Art Bjorngjeld have us swinging to the old dance tunes and singing along with some of the old humorous dialect songs in the tradition of the early Scandinavian comedians, Yogi Yorgesson and Slim Jim. Fifteen songs in all include vocal favorites Nikolina, At the Codfish Ball, and Yon Yonson’s Wedding.

1. Spelman’s Valsen
2. Johan på Snippen
3. Dala Polka
4. Mrs. Yonson Turn Me Loose
5. Cloudberry Waltz
6. Coo-Coo-Lee-Coo
7. Polkan Går
8. Nikolina
9. Hans Börtas Snoa
10. At the Codfish Ball
11. Waltz for Colleen
12. Yon Yonson’s Vedding
13. Den Gamla Dansbanan
Karjalan Polket
15. Sweet Ingeborg


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