During Advent, we count down the days ‘til Christmas eve.  Anticipation makes the season even sweeter!

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  1. Advent Candle -Tree Design

    Advent Candle -Tree Design

    SKU: 30393

  2. Liljeholmens Advent Candle

    Liljeholmens Advent Candle

    SKU: 40837

  3. Tomte Cone Candleholder

    Tomte Cone Candleholder

    SKU: 40818

  4. Danish Iron Curvy Candleholder

    Danish Iron Curvy Candleholder

    SKU: 11720

  5. Rosenstand Advent Calendar Kit

    Rosenstand Advent Calendar Kit

    SKU: GR4706

  1. Advent Calendars with Chocolate

    Advent Calendars with Chocolate

    SKU: CA140

  2. Small Advent Calendars

    Small Advent Calendars

    SKU: 43262

    Out of stock
  3. Busy Elves Advent Calendar

    Busy Elves Advent Calendar

    SKU: 11225

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