Finnish Tonttu

  Adorable, treasured friends are a holiday tradition…
The Tonttu is the wonderful Finnish version of the Swedish Tomte and Norwegian Nisse.
Treat him with respect and he will become the guardian of your home and your smile!

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  1. Reading Girl Tonttu

    Reading Girl Tonttu

    SKU: 56270

  2. Sauna Boy Tonttu

    Sauna Boy Tonttu

    SKU: 56265

  3. Sauna Girl Tonttu

    Sauna Girl Tonttu

    SKU: 56266

  4. Reading Boy Tonttu

    Reading Boy Tonttu

    SKU: 56269

  5. Tonttu Shoveler

    Tonttu Shoveler

    SKU: 59707

  6. Tonttu with Toy Train

    Tonttu with Toy Train

    SKU: 52581

  7. Tonttu Baker

    Tonttu Baker

    SKU: 52580

  8. Tonttu Singing Hymn

    Tonttu Singing Hymn

    SKU: 52579

  9. Tonttu Hockey Player

    Tonttu Hockey Player

    SKU: 52586

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