Lecture with Viking Helmet and Norwegian Flag
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Swedish Decorative Painting - Kurbits Painting

To decorate the walls of their dismal and dark interiors, early folk artists of Sweden painted scenes of everyday life, bible stories and floral paintings on large canvases. Greatly inspired by Bible stories and scenes painted on the walls of their churches, the itinerant artists created their own painted interpretations to decorate their homes. Their interpretation of the Bible story from Jonah 4:6, created the beautiful fanciful, flowering “kurbit” or cucumber vine. These flowering kurbits seem to explode with a profusion of colorful, fantasy flowers.
The project is a stylized landscape scene of Lake Pepin and Maiden Rock, framed by the Swedish kurbits. We will be painting with acrylics on a 16 by 20 inch canvas. This will be a pattern class. All materials are provided and are included in the class fee.
A light Nordic-style lunch of open-face sandwiches will be served. Participants may want to bring snacks and beverages with them.
Please note: This class will be held at the Samla Rum, N. 2089 Spring Street,
Stockholm, Wisconsin. $70
Saturday, November 1        10 to 5

About the instructor: 

Carol Bender is a descendant of early Swedish emigrants to the Stockholm and Lake Pepin area.
She is a painter of Scandinavian folk art, specializing in Swedish Dalamalning/kurbit painting and Norwegian Rosemaling.