In-Store Events at Ingebretsen's 

Author Talk at Ingebretsen's with Karen V. Hansen, PhD,
author of
Encounter on the Great Plains; Scandinavian Settlers and the Dispossession of the Dakota Indians, 1890 – 1930

Brandeis University professor Karen V. Hansen grew up in California, but her imagination was filled with images of Norwegian homesteaders and Dakota families as she listened to her mother's stories of life on the Great Plains. Karen's maternal grandmother, a Norwegian immigrant who farmed her own claim and who raised eight children, loomed large in these tales.
Now an historical sociologist, Karen visited the Spirit Lake Reservation, where her grandmother's homestead was located, and sought out stories of the people who lived there. Hansen began to study the people, the land, and the effect of Scandinavian immigration and Dakota dispossession and learned that lives, cultures, and families were deeply intertwined.
Hansen conducted 130 oral history interviews and spent 15 years combing through archives
to get a picture of a period of rapid immigrant expansion into the Great Plains and the effect it had on both the native
and New Americans who converged at Spirit Lake.
Karen V. Hansen will give at talk with a question and answer session on Saturday, March 14
from 1 to 1:30 in the Ingebretsen's classroom, then will sign books from 1:30 to 3 at the gift store.
Saturday, March 14