Sweden and Norway 2014 Tours 

Idyllic Sweden featuring Sweden’s Göta Canal
July 22 – August 8, 2015

The Göta Canal is described as “Sweden’s Blue Ribbon”.
Gliding across Sweden on the Diana (1931), our journey takes us on two seas, one river, 3 canals, 8 lakes and through 66 locks. Each aspect of this tour will take us back in history...
traveling the historic hand-dug Göta Canal we will step back in time visiting castles, monasteries, Viking settlement remains, Stockholm, the “Venice of the North”…  walk the cobbled streets and experience this beautiful city rich in history and magnificent architecture, Tällberg, a hamlet in the “heart of Sweden”… be immersed in the rich folk traditions of Dalarna… Carl Larsson, dala horses, Sygard Grytting in Sor-Fron, Norway, Sunne area of Värmland, Sweden, and so much more! (Detailed in itinerary, below.)

Intentionally, we limit our tours to 14 people maximum. This smaller size allows for more personal attention and provides experiences that you cannot have with larger groups. Compared to other tours, you will find our trips to be an exceptional value considering all that we include. We would love to have you join us on this especially unique “once in a lifetime” experience.

Our personal journeys have led us to Scandinavia 30 times, summer and winter, since 1982.  
We have traveled from Malmö in the south to Kiruna above the Arctic Circle… from Göteborg to Stockholm… as well as to the special ‘out of the way’ places in between. On the main roads as well as the narrow country roads, our travels and searches have resulted in finding historic, quaint, countryside and romantic type accommodations and experiences.
Med vänliga hälsningar… warm greetings,  
 - Diane and Ted Noble

Any questions and to reserve your place, contact us at teddiane@mac.com or 612-825-8808

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