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  1. Risengrøt Mix

    Risengrøt Mix

    SKU: FD0009

  2. Rømmegrøt Mix

    Rømmegrøt Mix

    SKU: FD0008

  3. Lars' Own Porridge Rice

    Lars' Own Porridge Rice

    SKU: 6F1312

  4. Aebleskiver Dessert Mix

    Aebleskiver Dessert Mix

    SKU: 48004

  5. Swedish Pancake Mix

    Swedish Pancake Mix

    SKU: FD9109

  1. Kungsörnen Coffee Roll Mix

    Kungsörnen Coffee Roll Mix

    SKU: FD130

    Out of stock
  2. Jacobs Lefse Mix

    Jacobs Lefse Mix

    SKU: 51024

  3. Potato Dumpling Mix

    Potato Dumpling Mix

    SKU: FD9110

  4. Sturdiwheat Bread Mixes

    Sturdiwheat Bread Mixes

    SKU: GR1423

  5. Blueberry Soup Mix

    Blueberry Soup Mix

    SKU: FD105

  1. Ekström Rosehip Soup

    Ekström Rosehip Soup

    SKU: FD0023

    Out of stock
  2. Lofoten Fish Soup Mix

    Lofoten Fish Soup Mix

    SKU: FD1005

  3. Bergensk Fish Soup

    Bergensk Fish Soup

    SKU: FD100

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