Designed to Put a Grin on Your Face:
Lotta Glave and Bengt Lindberg are partners in design and partners in life. They met as students at Sweden’s National College of Arts, Crafts & Design and soon discovered a shared passion for creating designs that were fresh and fun. The result of their now famous playful artistry is the company, Bengt & Lotta.  
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  1. Bear Candle Holder

    Bear Candle Holder

    SKU: 44673

  2. Fox Candle Holder

    Fox Candle Holder

    SKU: 44674

  3. Deer Candle Holder

    Deer Candle Holder

    SKU: 44675

  4. Happy Couple Candleholder

    Happy Couple Candleholder

    SKU: Q1000

  5. Moose Pyramid Candleholder

    Moose Pyramid Candleholder

    SKU: 36767

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