Origo - iittala

Designed by Alfredo Häberli in 1999.
These striped patterns provide a colourful accent to any kind of setting.
An eye-catching décor with defined structure and rhythm brightens up any occasion.
Origo teams up beautifully with
iittala Teemaiitala Glassware because of its wide spectrum of colours.
Its simple form is a perfect example of lasting design.

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  1. Origo Green Tumbler

    Origo Green Tumbler

    SKU: 50383

  2. Origo Green Dinner Plate

    Origo Green Dinner Plate

    SKU: 49742

  3. Origo Green Salad Plate

    Origo Green Salad Plate

    SKU: 49743

  4. Origo Green Mug

    Origo Green Mug

    SKU: 49747

  5. Origo Green Large Bowl

    Origo Green Large Bowl

    SKU: 49746

  1. Origo Green Serving Bowl

    Origo Green Serving Bowl

    SKU: 49748

  2. Origo Brown Large Bowl

    Origo Brown Large Bowl

    SKU: 16234

  3. Origo Orange Dinner Plate

    Origo Orange Dinner Plate

    SKU: V0804

  4. Origo Orange Salad Plate

    Origo Orange Salad Plate

    SKU: V0805

  5. Origo Orange Tumbler

    Origo Orange Tumbler

    SKU: V0806

  1. Origo Orange Mug

    Origo Orange Mug

    SKU: 49749

  2. Origo Orange Small Bowl

    Origo Orange Small Bowl

    SKU: V0807

  3. Origo Orange Large Bowl

    Origo Orange Large Bowl

    SKU: V0808

  4. Origo Orange Serving Bowl

    Origo Orange Serving Bowl

    SKU: 16237

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