Swedish Flower

Audrey Berggren kept herself busy while her husband served in WWII by launching a business,
handpainting Swedish- style wedding plates. Her husband came home from war, pitched in, business boomed
and an entire generation grew up on dishes decorated with colorful Swedish art.
The Berggren-Trayer Company’s nostalgic pattern still bids a cheerful " Var Så God" (help yourself!),
now made in Minnesota. Dishwasher and microwave safe porcelain.

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  1. Swedish Flower Jam Jar

    Swedish Flower Jam Jar

    SKU: 7F1105

  2. Swedish Flower Pitcher

    Swedish Flower Pitcher

    SKU: 41100

  3. Swedish Teapot for One

    Swedish Teapot for One

    SKU: 1303

  4. Tea Bag Holder

    Tea Bag Holder

    SKU: 6F111

  5. Swedish Flower Salt/Pepper

    Swedish Flower Salt/Pepper

    SKU: 7F1121

  6. Swedish Flower Latte Cup

    Swedish Flower Latte Cup

    SKU: 7F1122

  7. Swedish Flower Kaffe Mug

    Swedish Flower Kaffe Mug

    SKU: 16165

  8. Swed Flower Lunch Plate 9"

    Swed Flower Lunch Plate 9"

    SKU: 7F1102

  9. Swedish Flower 6" Bowl

    Swedish Flower 6" Bowl

    SKU: 7F1104

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