The Kristin flatware  design is inspired by the traditional woodcarvings found on Norway’s stave churches.
From Fjord Design of Norway. Stainless steel.

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  1. Kristin Gravy Ladle

    Kristin Gravy Ladle

    SKU: V0901

  2. Kristin Salad Set

    Kristin Salad Set

    SKU: 1175

  3. Kristin Serving Set

    Kristin Serving Set

    SKU: 1178

  4. Kristin Cake Server

    Kristin Cake Server

    SKU: 1170

  5. Kristin Sugar/Jam Spoon

    Kristin Sugar/Jam Spoon

    SKU: PP3401

  6. Kristin Herring Forks

    Kristin Herring Forks

    SKU: 1172

  7. Kristin Serving Spoon

    Kristin Serving Spoon

    SKU: 4044

  8. Kristin Punch/Soup Ladle

    Kristin Punch/Soup Ladle

    SKU: 7F0714

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