Serving Coffee & Tea

Thoroughly enjoying coffee and tea in Scandinavia is taken very seriously. The World Resource Institute keeps track of per capita coffee consumption by country, and the current world champs are the Finns. They drink an average of 12 kilos of coffee each per year – three times more than we do in this country. The Norwegians come in second at… Click Here to read the whole story…

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  1. Glogg Spoons

    Glogg Spoons

    SKU: 38061

  2. Toftey Rosemaling Canisters

    Toftey Rosemaling Canisters

    SKU: GR4655

  3. Juniper Coffee Scoop

    Juniper Coffee Scoop

    SKU: 40884

  4. Juniper Coffee Scoop

    Juniper Coffee Scoop

    SKU: 46750

  5. Ingebretsen's Biking Viking Coffee

    Ingebretsen's Biking Viking Coffee

    SKU: GR1420

  1. Coffee Scoop with Clip

    Coffee Scoop with Clip

    SKU: 1351

  2. Swedish Teapot for One

    Swedish Teapot for One

    SKU: 1303

  3. Tea Bag Holder

    Tea Bag Holder

    SKU: 6F111

  4. Copper "Socker" Sugar Canister

    Copper "Socker" Sugar Canister

    SKU: ES0402

  5. Tea Infuser

    Tea Infuser

    SKU: 7F1225

  1. Burlwood Fox Tea Ball

    Burlwood Fox Tea Ball

    SKU: 53200

  2. Burlwood Owl Tea Ball

    Burlwood Owl Tea Ball

    SKU: 53201

  3. Tea Strainer with Stand

    Tea Strainer with Stand

    SKU: 1350

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