Aallotar In Transit

Aallotar In Transit

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Aallotar In Transit


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Sara Pajunen of Minneapolis (Kaivama, Tango Pohan) and Teija Niku of Finland (Polka Chicks, Grupa Balkan, Karuna) discovered that their families had lived within hours of each other in western Finland in the 19th century. Exploring their common musical ancestry led to this beautiful album and touring together around the world. Using vocals in English and Finnish with accordion and fiddle, the musicians create echoes of chamber music with solid folk music influences. 11 songs include quiet contemplative songs and upbeat, lively dance tunes with rhythmic accompaniment. This album has received numerous accolades from reviewers in Finland and the United States. The name Aalotar comes from a character in Finland’s national epic "Kalevala." 

1. Syämestäni rakastan
2. Lonely Sparrow
3. Lauluni laulan
4. Juottomarssi
5. Hiljainen suru
6. Amupolska
7. Jos voisin
8. High
9. Hellulaulu
11.Day & Night

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