Baby Face with Viking Helmet and Balloons

Uff Da! We're 99!

Prohibition has been in effect for a year, though no one could raise a toast to honor that anniversary.
Rudolph Valentino skyrockets to stardom and Charlie Chaplin packs in audiences to movie theaters
like the brand-new State Theatre on Hennepin Avenue, considered the most technologically advanced
and elaborate theater in the United States.

Other businesses spring up, too,
like Charles Ingebretsen’s Model Meat, conveniently located on the streetcar line.
The 1920s are an exciting and vibrant time and Minneapolis is a booming town.

Ninety nine years later, we can raise a toast to decades of serving our customers the best of Scandinavian foods and imports. Not only with the original meat market but imported gifts, needlework, art by Scandinavian and Scandinavian-American artists, classes, and events. And, of course, the Internet has allowed us to be available all hours and to reach customers far from our home on East Lake Street.

And please visit our Memory Wall... we have been collecting entertaining and truly touching stories
and anecdotes from our customers and our vendors – the people who make our business possible.
Thank you to all of you who have been part of our legacy and
a Velkommen to all of you who have yet to cross our threshold, whether in body or electronically.