Also Ingebretsen’s at Norway House    

Also Ingebretsen’s Kaffe Bar and Gavebutikk (coffee bar and gift boutique) is located in Norway House, 913 E. Franklin Avenue, Minneapolis.
Norway House is a non-profit dedicated to serving as a bridge between Americans and contemporary Norway. As part of that mission, it is a venue for cultural activities that celebrate a shared heritage. That includes partnering with Norwegian-American businesses and organizations. 

Ingebretsen’s is honored to be one of those businesses. We've loved creating a cozy, Norwegian-centric gift boutique that changes and evolves with the seasons and with whatever wonderful exhibit is going on in Norway House's gallery (with whom we share the first floor). We offer handcrafts, books, clothing, cookware, children's items, jewelry, and more. 


We especially like to share our culture in an accessible, and delicious, way: food!

“The gift shop and lunch counter will take you to Norway and back.
We had waffles with Nutella and strawberries... so tasty! An alternative was a lefse dog (skin-on hot dog in warm lefse).
And, of course COFFEE!” 

The menu in our coffee bar features the following Norwegian and Norwegian-American specialties: 

Nordic Waffles

Waffles are the perfect treat any time of day. Your morning coffee is even better with a cardamom sour cream and lingonberry jam waffle while a Waffle Dog, with an Ingebretsen's hot dog and jarlsberg cheese is a sustaining lunch. What makes Nordic waffles different from Belgian waffles, the most common waffle style in the U.S.? Nordic waffles are moist and similar to a crepe. They can be easily rolled or folded to hold a variety of fillings, both sweet and savory. Our batter is from Stine Aasland’s Nordic Waffle Company.

Stine is the author of We Love (Heart) Waffles and an ardent waffle booster.


More Menu Specialties

Biking Viking Coffee
Peace Coffee roasts our signature medium roast coffee and the delivery person brings our weekly shipment on bicycle, hence the name.

Have a cup of Biking Viking Coffee at the Kaffe Bar, then visit our gift shop and pick up a pound to take home.

Spring Grove Soda
Spring Grove Soda is made in (not surprisingly) Spring Grove, Minnesota, the home of Minnesota’s first Norwegian settlement. The Norwegian-American influence is seen on the pop bottles – each one thanks you for your patronage with a Mangen Tusen Tak! (Many thanks). Read about Spring Grove Soda’s history and their flavors here.

Scandinavians love to take berries and blossoms and turn them into drink concentrates and liqueurs.
The concentrates are known as saft and we serve lingonberry, black currant, and elderflower flavors. Have one with still or sparkling water.

Scandinavian Pastries
A selection of wonderful pastries is always available. The selection varies from day to day, but all are delicious and all are from bakeries around the Twin Cities that are noted for their Scandinavian specialties. Bolle (cardamom rolls) from Deco Catering and almond kringle from Denny’s Bakery are two favorites.

Also Ingebretsen’s Kaffe Bar and Gavebutikk are open during Norway House’s regular hours:
Tuesday through Saturday   10 to 4       Sunday   11 to 3
Phone: 612 870 5772
913 E. Franklin Avenue, Minneapolis