Ankerdram - Fru Skagerrak

Ankerdram - Fru Skagerrak

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Ankerdram - Fru Skagerrak


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Three recognized fiddlers and contemporary composers create what they describe as “panScandinavian raw folk”.
Maja Kjær Jacobsen from Denmark (fiddle, vocals), Elise Wessel Hildrum from Norway (fiddle, recorder, viola, vocals), and Anna Lindblad from Sweden (fiddle, 5-stringed fiddle, vocals, triangle), present a good mix of traditional music from the Skagerrak region (in a wide sense), songs in all three languages, sometimes even at the same time, and add several of their own compositions. They have expanded from a combination of fiddles, recorder and singing to also include the viola, adding more depth to their sound.

1. Halling etter Glenne
2. Kräfta
3. Kong Vallivan
4. Den Glade Brygger
5. Somandsvals
6. Munkedal
7. Roll your Rs
8. Hele Familien (Drikker Rom)
9. One-Two
10.Lille Snaps
12.Sørens Far

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