Askelad and Seven Silver Ducks

Askelad and Seven Silver Ducks

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Askelad and Seven Silver Ducks


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A Traditional Norwegian Folk Tale Set to Music.
Composed and illustrated by Margi Griebling-Haigh.
Performed by Carrie Vecchione and Rolf Erdahl.
P.C. Asbjörnen and Jörgen Moe set out in 1937
to collect Norwegian folktales and get them written down. From 1841 to 1871, their collections of
Norske Folkeventyr
continued to appear. In this
musical telling of Askelad and the Seven Silver Ducks,
Moe’s original has been modified so that two performers can step in and out of the characters they portray, alternating between narrating the tale and acting out. 
A number of details and descriptions have been added, along with Norwegian interjections for comic effect.
An entertaining story for all ages.
Paperback, 32pp. 2012, with accompanying CD.

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