Semla Day Is Coming

March 5th is Shrove Tuesday or Fat Tuesday or, in Sweden it is “Semmeldagen” (the day of the Semla). This is the national day of Swedens most beloved pastry, the semla. The semla (the singular of semlor) is a small, wheat flour bun, flavored with cardamom and filled with almond paste and whipped cream. [Ingebretsen’s… More Semla Day Is Coming

Sankta Lucia Day Is Coming

This Saturday at Ingebretsen’s we will be celebrating Lucia Day (a little early, the official day is December 13). Enjoy Christmas music, pepparkakor, and coffee served by the SvenskarnasDag Girls Choir. We have a post on the legend and history of Lucia Day that you can find here. But there is always a little bit… More Sankta Lucia Day Is Coming