Picnics Scandinavian Style

Tomorrow, June 18th, is International Picnic Day, a day we celebrate one of the greatest ways to enjoy the summer season—an outdoor picnic with friends, family, games and activities, and delicious food. June 22nd is Midsommar in Scandinavia and an excellent reason to have a picnic. (You can find out more about Midsommar in our… More Picnics Scandinavian Style

Semla Day Is Coming

March 5th is Shrove Tuesday or Fat Tuesday or, in Sweden it is “Semmeldagen” (the day of the Semla). This is the national day of Swedens most beloved pastry, the semla. The semla (the singular of semlor) is a small, wheat flour bun, flavored with cardamom and filled with almond paste and whipped cream. [Ingebretsen’s… More Semla Day Is Coming