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Lefse … what can you say about lefse? Well you could say this: Lefse … it’s as Norwegian as, well, Ingebretsen’s!!! And we are the place for all things lefse. We have: Lefse Books  ♦  Lefse Starter-Kits  ♦  Lefse Grills  ♦  Lefse Rolling Pins  ♦  Lefse Turning Sticks  ♦  Lefse Paraphernalia  ♦  Lefse Toppings  ♦… More Lefse — We LOVE It!!!!!

Norway Has A National Cat

Meet the Norwegian Forest Cat, sometimes known as a Wegie. This cat is one of the most popular pet choices in Norway, Iceland, Finland, and Sweden. King Olaf V of Norway designated the Norwegian Forest cat the country’s national cat. It is believed that these cats were brought by the Vikings to Norway during the… More Norway Has A National Cat