Et Steg Ut

Et Steg Ut

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Et Steg Ut


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Susanne Lundeng has made a wonderful recording for solo violin and string quartet. Neither classical music nor traditional folk music, Susanne creates contemporary music based on Norwegian folk music tradition. There are no bass riffs or drum grooves nor melodies carefully arranged for orchestra. Instead the sound of the music is expanded to a richer, deeper, broader texture of a string quartet. A portion of the music on this CD debuted as a commissioned work for the Telemark Festival in Norway. The CD includes a mixture of solo violin pieces, duets and quintets.

1. Et steg ut
2. Lille
3. Ikke vesste æ at du sku kom
4. Merkedagen
5. Oppdagelsen
6. Spellemann og mann
7. Verdensveier
8. Vete

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