Human - Wimme & Rinne

Human - Wimme & Rinne

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Human - Wimme & Rinne


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Wimme Saari is one of Finland’s most celebrated vocalists; he is known for combining joik (the Sámi’s unique vocal tradition) with contemporary improvisations, techno and ambient sound. Human is the second album by Wimme and Tapani Rinne, a revered Finnish experimental musician and producer. Mixing traditional joik, electronica and jazz, it’s a genre-defying tribute to the raw beauty – and occasional madness – of the human condition. Some of the record’s most delicate moments come from Norwegian joiker Elle Some Henriksen, as on the stunning opener, ‘Elle’, where she’s joined by Rinne on bass clarinet. As for madness, look no further then the title-track, an astonishing blend of thumbing Kraftwerk-esque electronica, joik, saxophone, clarinets and whistles.

1. Ele
2. Wind
3. Rock
4. Heart
5. Spotted Crake
6. Human
7. You
8. Womb
9. Sounds of snow

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