Jul - Krüger and Dagsland

Jul - Krüger and Dagsland

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Jul - Krüger and Dagsland


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Karoline Krüger and Sigvart Dagsland, Norway, bring the best of a Norwegian Christmas as they sing, with her dulcet voice and his comforting friendly voice, evoking images of falling snow and a feeling of a truly magical time. Original tunes and well-known melodies are filled with flute, organ, clarinet, guitar, bass, trumpet, trombone, tuba and horn, and more. Booklet includes lyrics in Norwegian.

1. Vær hilset, frender
2. Den mørkaste tida
3. Stallsang
4. Ding Ding
5. O jul med din glede
6. Vuggevise
7. Lille Messias
8. Nå vandrer fra hver en verdenskrok
9. Marias Sang
11.Stille natt

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