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Trine Rein is an American-Norwegian singer, who belongs to the exclusive group of Norwegian artists who have sold more than a million records. She was born in San Francisco in 1970, moved to Norway at age one, has moved back and forth between the two countries over the years, and has both US and Norwegian citizenship.
Julegaven has a variety of sounds, from country to soul and gospel, celebrating the season and our Lord. The booklet includes the words so you can follow along.

1.  Engler Synger Høyt i Sky/Hør Den Englesang
      Så Skjønn
/Glory Praise
2.  Når Klokkene Slår
3.  Field of Grace
4.  Behold This Child
5.  En Krybbe Var Vuggen
6.  Little Lord Jesus
7.  Get Ready
8.  Praise the Good Lord
9.  Marias Guttebarn
10. Det Kimer Nå Til Julefest
11. Sweet Dreams

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