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Helene Blum and Harald Haugaard, Denmark.
Hot off the press in November 2016, this is Danish music for the Christmas season performed by two of Denmark’s finest traditional musicians today. Several of the tracks are live performances from concerts. The CD includes traditional and modern songs in a variety of arrangements ranging from peaceful to upbeat. Helene Blum’s clear voice and exquisite singing shine throughout the album. Harald Haugaard’s fiddle is both supportive of the vocal line and a conversation with the singer. Additional musicians add cello, guitar, double bass and percussion. The CD booklet includes an essay by the artists and three recipes for traditional Danish Christmas foods. In the words of the artists “we hope this album will afford you a welcome breathing space to enjoy the Yuletide spirit.”

1. Julerosen
2. Et lidet barn så lysteligt (live)
3. Hjemlige jul
4. December Polonaise
5. Fålen (live)
6. Julevise 1862
7. Maria gennem torne går (live)
8. Sorte Stær
9. Sikken voldsom trængsel og alarm
10.Polskor (live)

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