Last Leaf: The Danish String Quartet

Last Leaf: The Danish String Quartet

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Last Leaf: The Danish String Quartet


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Folk music meets classical musicians on this lovely new recording.  The sound of these four musicians is exquisite in their unique and beautiful arrangements of the Danish folk tunes.  You can hear the driving rhythms used by modern folk bands accompanying some tunes along with a few quiet reflective tunes.  “Last Leaf” is a new collection of Danish folk tunes impeccably performed and arranged by the Danish String Quartet.  The CD comes with a booklet, in English, describing the origin of each tune and other interesting information. 

1. Despair Not, O Heart
2. Shore
3. Polska from Dorotea
4. Tjønneblomen
5. Minuet No. 60
6. Æ Rømeser
7. Intermezzo
8. Shine You No More
9. Stædelil
10.Drømte Mig en Drøm
11.Naja’s Waltz
12.Unst Boat Song
14.Hur Var Du i Aftes Så Sildig
15.The Dromer
16.Now Found is the Fairest of Roses

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