Nu by Phønix

Nu by Phønix

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Nu by Phønix


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Phønix builds their music on traditional Danish folk music with an emphasis on singing. Their contemporary arrangements of old tunes send you both forwards and backwards in time. This album includes 11 new arrangements including both medieval ballads and instrumental tunes, some composed by band members. This is the band’s 7th album as enjoyable or even more than previous award-winning albums. This CD is likely to remain in your play-list for a long time. Coming soon.

1. Skrædderen og soen
2. Maria
3. Rønnild
4. Go’ tid
5. Svineryggen
6. Stolt Signild
7. Nordlys Schottish
8. Hr. Peders Sørejse
9. Sven N
10.Den bortsolgte
11.Windros reflections

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