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Less is enough on this album, just Riikka Timonen’s clear voice and Senni Eskelinen’s impressive 39-string electric kantele. Rikka has written all the lyrics herself (the tunes are composed by a Finnish composer, Milla Viljamaa), and Senni is one of the most famous kantelists in Finland. Together they have brought folk into the modern age.

1. Jo on Marjat (With all her Admires)
2. Väärin Tein (I Have Sinned)
3. Sulje Silmat Hymysuu
    (Close Your Eyes, Wee Smiling Mouth)
4. Ei Kirjettä Rintamalta (Letter From the Front)
5. En Osannut Omasi Olla
    (I Couldn’t Find the Way to Your Heart)
6. Perillä (Journey’s End)
7. Susien Taajuuksilla (With the Tones of Wolves)
8. Murhe on Sumusää (Misery is Misty Weather)
9. Sulan Sinuun (I Melt Into You)

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