Tellefsen plays Ole Bull

Tellefsen plays Ole Bull

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Tellefsen plays Ole Bull


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Ole Bull was the first international celebrity to come out of Norway. He was the ‘star’ of the 1800s, admired, despised, ambitious and intense’, says Arve Tellefsen ‘the stories are many and separating fiction from fact is not always easy. Just as the pop stars of today, Ole Bull had a good sense for what kind of stories would stick in the minds of the public.’  Arve Tellefsen, born in Trondheim, Norway, is one of the most highly regarded violinists in Europe. On this recording we hear Tellefsen in the extremely virtuosic, often melancholy melodic shapes that were the trademarks of Bull (and a major influence on Grieg). With his peerless tone and attention to every nuance in the music, Tellefsen makes the magic happen in his performance. Arve Tellesen, violin, with the Trondheim Symphony Orchestra (Eivind Aadland, conductor), and Håvard Gimse, piano.
Booklet included, in Norwegian and English.

1. Nocturne for Violin and orchestra
2. Sæterjentens Søndag (The herdgirl’s Sunday)
3. Et Sæterbesøk (A Mountain Vision)
4. Adagio religioso (A Mother’s Prayer)
5. from Polacca Guerriera
6. Adagio sostenuto
7. Grand March from Agiaco Cubano
8. Cantabile doloroso e Rondo giiocoso
9, La Melancolie
“In Moments of Solitude


12.Andante maestoso
13.Sigrid’s sang (Sigrid’s Song)
15.Scotch Fantasy
16.Andante cantabile
17.Cantabile (Reminicens from the Concert in Fredriksværn)
18.In Moments of Solitude

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