Wedding traditions hold a special place in our heritage.
At Ingebretsen’s we have wonderful traditional foods, clothing and customs to draw upon,
as well as many unique ideas for that special day.

Also visit Scandinavian Wedding Traditions…

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  1. Grandmother's Bridal Crown

    Grandmother's Bridal Crown
    $ $195.00

    SKU: 7F0613

  2. Norwegian Bridal Crown

    Norwegian Bridal Crown
    $ $1,800.00

    SKU: WE1400W

  3. Viking Love Ring

    Viking Love Ring

    Starting at: $85.00

    SKU: GR1478

  4. Sterling Rune Pendant - Love

    Sterling Rune Pendant - Love
    $ $79.00

    SKU: 47580

  5. Tokheim Wedding Bowls

    Tokheim Wedding Bowls

    Starting at: $100.00

    SKU: GR0176

  6. Mats Jonasson Heart Crystal Block

    Mats Jonasson Heart Crystal Block

    Starting at: $79.00

    SKU: GR0170

  7. Henning Bride and Groom

    Henning Bride and Groom

    Starting at: $125.00

    SKU: GR1270

  8. Kristin Serving Set

    Kristin Serving Set
    $ $82.00

    SKU: 1178

  9. Kristin Cake Server

    Kristin Cake Server
    $ $62.00

    SKU: 1170

  10. Kristin Gravy Ladle

    Kristin Gravy Ladle
    $ $62.00

    SKU: V0901

  11. Embossed Flower Heart Cards

    Embossed Flower Heart Cards
    $ $12.00

    SKU: 4111F

  12. Wedding Party Card

    Wedding Party Card
    $ $3.00

    SKU: 38818

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