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To register for a class, call our main store...  612 729 9333  and reserve your place with a credit card.
If you have questions about a class, please email  classes@ingebretsens.com

Be sure to check the location of the class in which you are interested.

Unless noted, classes are at our main store, 1601 E. Lake Street, Minneapolis.
We also hold classes, especially for cooking, at Norway House, 913 E. Franklin Avenue,
and at Ingebretsen's av Stockholm, our store in Stockholm, Wisconsin.
Cancellations must be made one week in advance to receive a refund.

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 Professor Cooking Classes

Krumkake with Heidi Eger

Krumkake Class

Come learn how to make the Scandinavian classic cookie, krumkake! Class instructor Heidi first made krumkake on her Great-Uncle's stove. Since then, she's tested different recipes and learned to use her iron for more than just classic krumkake. In this class, participants will mix up a batch of classic, gingerbread flavored krumkake and a batch of nontraditional, spiced chocolate krumkake. We'll talk about recipe variations, different rolling techniques, and how to also use your krumkake baker to make Dutch Stroopwafels, waffle cones, sweet and savory Pizzelles, and Rommebrod. $35

This class is held in the Hanson Room at Norway House, 913 E. Franklin Ave. Minneapolis.

Saturday, December 14      1 to 3     Class Filled
Sunday, January 12      1 to 3      Class Filled
Sunday, January 26      10:30 to 12   or   1 to 2:30   Both Filled  

Lefse with Heidi Eger

Lefse Class

Heidi Eger learned to make lefse with her grandmother and mother. In her class, she shares her great-grandmother's time-tested recipe and a lot of good information on how to make lefse that you'll be proud to share with your friends and family. Heidi believes that lefse is good regardless of shape. While she will show you techniques for rolling and frying a classic round lefse, she reminds students that even lefse in the shape of the state of Texas tastes good.
This is a hands-on class, and students may wish to bring an apron. $40

This class is held in the Hanson Room at Norway House, 913 E. Franklin Ave. Minneapolis. 

Sunday, January 5      1 to 3   Class Filled
Saturday, January 11     10 to 12   or   1 to 3   Both Filled
Saturday, January 25     10 to 12   or   1 to 3   Both Filled

About the teacher:
Heidi spends her winters working at Ingebretsen's and making lefse. She spends her summers farming, gravitating to the hilly regions of Minnesota.

*Evergreen Foraging with Maria Wesserle

Evergreen Foraging

Just because it’s the dead of winter doesn’t mean you have to stop foraging! Evergreens are easy to spot among the otherwise grey landscape, and they have a long history of treating coughs and colds, and supplying much-needed vitamins A and C during the winter. They have been used by Nordic cooks to brighten flavors and have caught the attention of New Nordic Cuisine chefs for new, experimental foods. This class will focus on traditional uses as you make pine-infused vinegar, pine switchel, hot tea, juniper salt and a bit of juniper butter to spread on tasty slices of rye bread.
Join Maria Wesserle, founder of Four Season Foraging to learn which evergreens to harvest and which to avoid. Together, you will go over identification of different evergreen species, and how to use them. $40

This class meets at Norway House, 913 E. Franklin Avenue, Minneapolis.

*Saturday, January 18      1 to 3:30 -  Class is being rescheduled due to weather, please check back for the new date*

Teacher’s bio: Maria has been foraging about 16 years and loves sharing this skill with others. She has been teaching for 10 years at various organizations in the Upper Midwest including the Traditional Ways Gathering, Ashland, Wisconsin; Martha Wagbo Farm and Education Center, East Jordan, Michigan; North Country Food Alliance in Minneapolis, Minnesota; and the Young Friends of the Jordan youth program in East Jordan, Michigan.
Last year she founded Four Season Foraging, and now offers monthly foraging workshops throughout the Twin Cities.

Lefse Making Classes

If you would like a class, Ingebretsen's offers private lessons!
Book a class at a time that is convenient for you and invite friends and family.
A two-hour class is $350 (with a value up to $400) and you can have up to 10 participants.
To learn more, please email classes@ingebretsens.com