Dark Tickle Lingonberry & Cloudberry Vinegars

Dark Tickle Lingonberry & Cloudberry Vinegars

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Dark Tickle Lingonberry & Cloudberry Vinegars


SKU: GR7690

Lingonberry & Cloudberry Vinegars are infused wine vinegars of exceptional quality and rich taste. Use on salads, cooked vegetables, or as an ingredient to your favorite salad dressing. Boost the flavor of sauces, salsas, marinades, or glazes. These berries, picked by hand, are carefully processed without additives resulting in a quality product that is both distinctive and delicious. From the small company Dark Tickle, these lovely vinegars reduce the need for salt and are ideal for a lighter palate. Available in two beloved Scandinavian flavors… Lingonberry (partridgebrry) or Cloudberry (bakeapple). 6.8 ounce bottle, corked and wax sealed.

The Dark Tickle Company (a tickle is a narrow salt water channel) is located in St. Lunaire – Griquet, on the Great Northern Peninsula in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. 

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Lingonberry Vinegar
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Cloudberry Vinegar
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