Cold Love - Finnish Tango - Vol 2

Cold Love - Finnish Tango - Vol 2

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Cold Love - Finnish Tango - Vol 2


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Tango-Orkesteri Unto (The Finnish Tango Orchestra, "Unto") presents a second album of 14 passionate and elegant tangos from Finland. The orchestra includes piano, accordion, violin, guitar and vocals. Information on the songs in English is in the CD booklet. This CD is part of a series of recordings from the renowned Sibelius Folk Music Academy in Finland.

1. Kylmä rakkaus
2. Kadotetulle
3. Miksi juuri hän
4. Ikkunan alla
5. Rannalla
6. Suomorsian
7. Yö ikkunan takana
8. Tangon kotimaa
9. Minä rakastan sinut
10.Sateen tango
12.Hektinen hetki
14.Siis unohtakaamme

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