Early Years - LeRoy Larson

LeRoy Larson and the Minnesota Scandinavian Ensemble have been featured on The Prairie Home Companion radio show and have done special performances in Washington D.C. LeRoy and the members of his orchestra are accomplished musicians who play a diverse array of folk instruments.  Their repertoire includes original as well as traditional compositions. Early Years brings you their earliest instrumental recordings from 1974-1976.

  1. Kristiania Valsen
  2. Westby Waltz
  3. Finseth Schottische
  4. Ut på Landsväjen
  5. Ed Quall's Polka 
  6. Helge's Waltz
  7. Drømmen om Elin
  8. Storsveen Schottische
  9. Gary's Polka
10. Nikolina's Butterfly
11. Glade Aalesund
12. Larson Waltz
13. Schottische Medley
14. Swamper's Revenge on the Windfall
15. Midsommar Vals
16. Waltz in A
17. Holiday Schottische
18. Ellefson Schottische
19. Norsk Vondevals
20. Rallar Polka
21. Waltz #129