Enamel Heart Necklaces

Enamel Heart Necklaces

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Enamel Heart Necklaces


SKU: GR2618

The famous Norwegian enamel jewelry.
Available in white enamel with hand painted rose,
solid red, white or dark blue.
.925 Sterling silver, 5/8” enamel heart pendant with 14” chain. 

Blue Forget-Me-Not Necklace (shown) is no longer available.

Product Name Price Qty
Enamel Heart Necklace - Rose
SKU: 43307RZ
$ $80.00
Enamel Heart Necklace - Red
SKU: 43307R
$ $75.00
Enamel Heart Necklace - White
SKU: 43307W
$ $75.00
Enamel Heart Necklace - Dark Blue
SKU: 43307DB
$ $75.00