Tea Tasting and Talks with Gihan V. Mauris of the Tea Centre of Stockholm

Saturday, May 5 Waffle breakfast 9am - 10:30am Opening Day Waffle Breakfast! Join us in our classroom for a delicious Nordic waffle with your choice of toppings (only $3) and a free cup of Biking Viking coffee.

Tea is a truly civilized way to pause and enjoy the moment. Ingebretsen's is hosting Gihan V. Mauris, a man whose professional commitment is to making tea-drinking as enjoyable as possible. Gihan is the managing director of the EWC Scandinavia, a tea company whose retail outlet is the noted Tea Centre of Stockholm. Gihan's father, Vernon, created the extraordinary Söderblandning tea, a blend to tropical flowers and fruit that is a favorite with Swedish tea drinkers and is developing a following in the United States.
Ingebretsen's is honored to be the sole distributor of the Tea Centre's signature blends.

Gihan will conduct a tasting, explain how to best savor a tea, speak about how to brew the perfect cup and to discuss pairings of food and drink that enhance drinking tea. (Since we don't have a liquor license, we are limited to simply telling you that Sir John's Blend goes very well with a good whiskey and a cigar. You'll have to attend to learn the other excellent, and surprising, suggestions Gihan has.)

Gihan learned the tea business from the ground up, spending time in Sri Lanka to learn how tea is grown and picked to tending shop at the Tea Centre. He enjoys sharing his extensive knowledge of this restful beverage.

Presentation Schedule at our East Lake St. Store

Friday, September 29
    10 to 5:30

Have a sample of Soderblandning and learn why it is so popular.
Talk with Gihan about the teas that Ingebretsen's will be carrying: Söderblandning Black, Söderblandning Green, Earl Grey Special, and Sir John's Blend.

1 pm Tea Talk and Tasting:
Learn about how to brew the perfect pot of tea, the story of the Tea Centre of Stockholm,
how professional tea tasters work and learn how to best evaluate a tea, and what pairings best complement each other.

Saturday, September 30    9 to 5
From 9 to 10:30, Gihan and Kathryn Jensen will each make their specialty, tea and aebelskivers,
and give you a good reason for early shopping at Ingebretsen's!
At 11, Gihan will repeat his Friday presentation. And he'll be available to chat the rest of the day.

Presentation Schedule at our Stockholm, WI Store

Sunday, October 1  
11 to 5
Sample tea and talk with Gihan.