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  1. Turkish Pepper Licorice

    Turkish Pepper Licorice
    $ $5.00

    SKU: CW1031

  2. Halva Black Licorice Bars

    Halva Black Licorice Bars

    Starting at: $0.75

    SKU: GR2978

  3. Brown Beans

    Brown Beans
    $ $3.75

    SKU: 60327

  4. Norwegian Treak Juniper Candy

    Norwegian Treak Juniper Candy
    $ $7.00

    SKU: 50248

  5. Aebleskiver Dessert Mix

    Aebleskiver Dessert Mix
    $ $3.75

    SKU: 48004

  6. Anna's Pepparkakor

    Anna's Pepparkakor

    Starting at: $2.25

    SKU: GR1430

  7. Sturdiwheat Bread Mixes

    Sturdiwheat Bread Mixes

    Starting at: $3.50

    SKU: GR1423

  8. Lars' Own Pepparkakor Tin

    Lars' Own Pepparkakor Tin
    $ $11.00

    SKU: 7F1418

    Out of stock
  9. Ideal Flatbread Original

    Ideal Flatbread Original
    $ $3.75

    SKU: FD5104

  10. Lars Scandinavian Honey

    Lars Scandinavian Honey
    $ $6.00

    SKU: 56889

  11. Sirius Konsum Chocolate Licorices

    Sirius Konsum Chocolate Licorices

    Starting at: $5.50

    SKU: GR2972

  12. Jakobsen Chocolate Collection

    Jakobsen Chocolate Collection
    $ $4.00

    SKU: 59273

    Out of stock
  13. Dalecarlian Chocolate Dala Horses

    Dalecarlian Chocolate Dala Horses

    Starting at: $6.95

    SKU: GR2974

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