Gaffelbiter from Norway

Gaffelbiter from Norway

Gaffelbiter from Norway


SKU: GR1435

Delicious Herring tidbits in sherry or dill sauce.
1.25 oz., King Oscar of Norway.

This item is considered perishable and should be refrigerated.

Sadly, Gaffelbiter in wine sauce is no longer available. We are disappointed too!

PLEASE NOTE: Because of hot temperatures in many parts of the U.S. we discourage shipping this perishable product in the summer months. Consider the temperature in your area. Out of stock or backordered items will be available for shipping again in early Fall.



Product Name Price Qty
King Oscar Gaffelbiter Dill
SKU: FD2104D
$ $3.95
King Oscar Gaffelbiter Sherry
SKU: FD2104S
$ $3.95