Grieg Piano Concerto, A minor & Lyric Pieces

Grieg Piano Concerto, A minor & Lyric Pieces

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Grieg Piano Concerto, A minor & Lyric Pieces


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Featuring Eva Knardahl on piano,
with the Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra.
Considered by many to be the best concerto ever written, Grieg’s piano concerto to this day expresses a national-romantic Norway. The lyric pieces are from seven of ten collections selected by Eva Knardahl. There are many popular pieces, such as Arietta, Butterfly, and Once Upon a Time, but also several lesser-known, yet captivating tunes.

Concerto for piano and Orchestra, A minor, op.16
1. Allegro molto moderato
2. Adagio
3. Allegro moderato molto e marcato

Lyric Pieces
4. Arietta, op.12 no.1
5. Alfedans (Fairy Dance), op.12 no.4
6. Albumblad (Album Leaf), op.12 no.7
7. Melodie (Melody), op.38 no.3
8. Elegie (Elegy), op.38 no.6
9. Vals (Waltz), op.38 no.7
10.Kanon (Canon), op.38 no.8
11.Sommerfugl (Butterfly), op.42 no.4
12.Erotik (Erotikon), op.43 no.5
13.Albumblad (Album Leaf), op.47 no.7
14.Elegie (Elegy), op.47 no.7
15.Notturno, op.54 no.4
16.Scherzo, op.54 no.5
17.Matrosernes Opsang (Sailor’s Song), op.68 no.4
18.Bedstemors Menuet (Grandmother’s Minuet), op.68 no.2
19.Der var engang (Once Upon a Time), op.74 no.4
20.Forbi (Gone, op71 no.6
21.Efterklang (Remembrances) op.71, no.7

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