Proongily Paper Die Cuts

Danish-American artist Cynthia McKeen was profoundly influenced by a childhood spent close to the natural world of rural Iowa. Her dearest childhood companion was her Danish grandmother, whose weathered hands were proficient at cutting paper. Papirklip is a favorite medium of Cyndi’s; through her company Proongily she uses a painstaking die-cut process to replicate her designs of nisser and forest creatures, graceful swans and ever-blooming flowers.

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  1. Proongily Die Cut Trees

    Proongily Die Cut Trees

    Starting at: $14.00

    SKU: GR7632

  2. Proongily Star Fairy Ornament

    Proongily Star Fairy Ornament
    $ $6.50

    SKU: 44459

  3. The Dancing Snowman Ornament

    The Dancing Snowman Ornament
    $ $4.00

    SKU: 44457

  4. Proongily Hedgehog Ornaments

    Proongily Hedgehog Ornaments
    $ $7.50

    SKU: 39109

  5. Proongily Egg Ornaments

    Proongily Egg Ornaments
    $ $6.50

    SKU: 39113

  6. Proongily Butterfly Ornaments

    Proongily Butterfly Ornaments
    $ $8.50

    SKU: 45474

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