Hotel Silence (Icelandic)

Hotel Silence (Icelandic)

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Hotel Silence (Icelandic)


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by Auður Ava Ólafsdóttir, Iceland. She currently lives and works in Reykjavik as the director of the University of Iceland’s Art Museum.
Jonas Ebeneser is a handy DIY kind of guy who has an ardent compulsion to fix things, but can’t seem to fix his own life. On the cusp off turning fifty, divorced and lonely with nothing much to live for, Jonas decides to buy a one-way ticket somewhere, antwhere, with no intention of returning. He flies thousands of miles from home to a city devastated by war, and books a room at the sparsely occupied Hotel Silence, which has definitely seen better days. Here, there’s no room service, the plumbing barely works, and the staff members seem distracted. But as Jonas grows closer to the hotel’s proprieter, her young son, and the eccentric locals, he begins to help them rebuild. The pipes need tightening, the electrical wiring has to be replaced, and the walls could use a fresh coat of paint. While Jonas comes to understand the depths of other peoples’s scars – realizing that he holds the tools to mend their homes as well as their broken spirits – he’s able to see his own wounds in a new light.

HOTEL SILENCE won the Icelandic Literature Prize (the equivalent of our National Book Award) and the Booksellers Prize.

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