Katja Bie Mammen Scarf

The Mammen Scarf has motifs from the Mammen Find and viking runes from Scandinavian rune stones. The Mammen Find is a collection of beautiful decorated metal objects, from the late viking era, 970. Found in the village of Mammen near Viborg in Denmark. Crepe de chine - a soft, matte 100% silk. 12 x 60”

Denmark’s Katja Bie tells stories of her Nordic roots through her exquisite textile designs from her brand, Storytelling Textiles. Her designs use elements from Scandinavian history, remixed and added with Katja’s personal interpretation and style. Katja always works with original historical items, so that the feeling of authenticity is preserved in each of her products. Inspired by archaeology, Katja examines manuscripts, drawings and maps and transforms them into elegant scarves.