Ljos and Svart by Kari Tauring

Ljos and Svart by Kari Tauring

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Ljos and Svart by Kari Tauring


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Ljos (Light) and Svart (Dark).
by Kari Tauring, with Drew Miller.
Over 100 minutes of music on two CDs, ranging from acapella to traditional folk with dulcimer, spoken word with vocal looping, dark electronics backing 10th century verses, improvised spirit journeys, and elegant string arrangements. They are the light and dark companions of one another, taking you on a journey through the world tree, providing runes and charms to bring you back. Kari uses runes, stay rhythm and breath to tell the stories of the Northlands. She embodies the völvakona, Old Norse name for the staff-carrying woman who maintains cultural knowledge, values, and spiritual practice. Drew, founder of celtic-punk-rock pioneers Boiled in Lead, here plays dulcimer, bass guitar and laptop. CDs sold separately.

Ljos (Light)
1. I Hela Naturen
2. Little Otso
3. Klokkene Små
4. Virpoi Varpoi
5. Folkevise
6. World Tree Poem
7. Sunna!
8. Bear Loves Birch
9. Mani!
10.Otso Created
12.Komme Alle
14.Kom Kjyra
15.Farvel Gamle Rokken

Svart (Dark):
1. Voluspa Kari Ola
2. Frostbite
3. Hvem Kan Segla
4. Hyi Hyi
5. Trolldans
6. Felling Trees
7. Hulda’s Spinning Song (Drømte)
8. Fast Black Dye
9. Avalanche

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