We’ve noted in the CD description if it includes music specifically for Santa Lucia.
We carry many more CDs in our store than are featured on the website. 
If you are looking for a particular artist, song or CD please contact us!

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  1. Dagen Är Kommen

    Dagen Är Kommen
    $ $16.95

    SKU: 21433

  2. The Winter Season CD

    The Winter Season CD
    $ $15.00

    SKU: CD2916

  3. Isen Sjunger (Singing Ice)

    Isen Sjunger (Singing Ice)
    $ $19.95

    SKU: 60164

  4. Vintervisor (Wintersongs)

    Vintervisor (Wintersongs)
    $ $19.95

    SKU: 60171

    Out of stock

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