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by Karl Skaarup with Kristian Bugge
A snapshot of favorite dance tunes throughout an era. The warm and personable quality of Karl Skaarup’s playing makes you feel that you are in his living room at a house party. Includes all 7 long sets of dances from Thy in Denmark. So roll up the rugs, push the furniture aside and dance as you listen. Karl Skaarup on accordion is accompanied by Kristian Bugge on fiddle. Extensive notes in both Danish and English.

1. Rask Kontra
2. Den ny Maskerade
3. Fandango
4. Alm. Totur suite
5. Den gamletur på langs
6. Hamborger på langs
7. Mellum kagel og æ væg
8. Totur i Svejrin suite
9. Hellesens Vals
10.Trekantet Sløyfe
11.Den toppede Høne
12.Sekstur på langs
13.De små svot

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