Northern Lights in Norway Photographic Print

Photograph, Autumn Carolynn Photography, Tromsø Norway 8 x 10 (unframed, 11 x 14 matted print)

Note from the photographer, "I went to Tromsø, Norway on my honeymoon. We hunted the Northern Lights for 5 days with no luck. This shot is the only one I was able to get of the Northern Lights. The Lady Aurora appeared for a few seconds, and I just so happened to snap the picture right in time, only for her to be gone for the rest of our trip."

Autumn is a freelance travel writer and photographer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Previously a flight attendant, she's traveled to 30 countries, 48 states, and 5 continents. While studying abroad in England, Autumn traveled with only a backpack, her Nikon, and wide eyes. Time spent as a flight attendant, travel agent, and travel design manager allowed Autumn to see the world and find her one true love, travel photography. You can find more at autumncarolynn.com