Over Seas - Sula

Over Seas - Sula

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Over Seas - Sula


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Sula is a group of Danish and Scottish musicians sharing common music. This is a beautiful album of songs sung in English by Rod Sinclair with tasteful accompaniment on accordion, guitar, banjo and fiddles. Some songs are performed in medley with traditional Scandinavian tunes. This album is a treat to listen to. Morten Alfred Høirup, musician and music journalist for Danmark’s Radio says … "Sula’s powerful blend of Nordic and Celtic folk music reeks of salt water and bubbles with fine musicianship and wanderlust … the songs and dance music draw the listener out on a Viking voyage … "

1. To Live is to Fly / Gånglat från Äppelbo
2. Woodlands
3. Madame laver tynd café / Slängpolska efter Byss-Calle
4. Any Mick’ll Do / Dronning Dagmar
5. Lay Down Your Weary Tune / Jil dig frelser
6. Skipper Clements
7. Bogie’s Bonny Belle / Valvotun Yön Valssi
8. McGinty’s Meal and Ale / Smedens anden schottish
9. Face the Foe
10.APs Ottemandsdans / Pointe au pic
11. Last Trip Home / Det lysner over agres felt

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