Polka Party - LeRoy Larson and The Minnesota Scandinavian Ensemble

Polka Party by LeRoy Larson and The Minnesota Scandinavian Ensemble. Traditional polkas from the old country and polkas from the Midwest...banjo and accordion take center stage, and everyone joins in the fun. Put on the music, kick off your shoes, and have some fun dancing in the kitchen.

  1. Laura's Polka
  2. Hug the Girls
  3. Ålanningen's Polka
  4. Säkkijärven Polka
  5. Railroad Workers Polka
  6. Little Gem Polka
  7. Wiggen Polka
  8. Red Wing
  9. Gary's Polka
10. Jämtgubben Polka
11. Ellingson Polka
12. American Wooden Shoe Polka
13. Clearwater County Polka
14. Hasselby Steppen