Red Dala Horse

Red Dala Horse

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Red Dala Horse


SKU: GR0005

The Dala Horse was first produced in Sweden in the 1700’s (or so), and has become Sweden’s most recognizable symbol. This traditional horse is hand-carved in wood and hand-painted at Nils Olsson Hemslöjd in Nusnäs, Sweden.

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Product Name Price Qty
Dalahorse Red 5cm/2"
SKU: D10501
$ $21.00
Dalahorse Red 7cm/ 2.75
SKU: D10701
$ $26.00
Dalahorse Red 10cm/4"
SKU: D11001
$ $38.00
Dalahorse Red 13cm/5"
SKU: D11301
$ $45.00
Dalahorse Red 15cm/6"
SKU: D11501
$ $58.00
Dalahorse Red 17cm/ 6.7"
SKU: D11701
$ $68.00
Dalahorse Red 20cm/8"
SKU: D12001
$ $110.00