Rikedom och Gåvor (Wealth and Gifts) - Svanevit

The unusual set-up with instruments such as harp, percussion, different bagpipes, keyharpa, mandola, violin and song gives the group a unique sound. Shimmering beautiful medieval ballads are mixed with happy schottis, compelling visors and, of course, polskas in abundance! Svanevit can be proud of three national players: Maria Larsson, Anna Rynefors and Erik Ask-Upmark as well as the fantastic folk singer Anders Larsson. Together they create superbly swinging contemporary folk with a fabulous atmosphere and great joy. In search of new tunes, they eagerly seized upon the musical collections of John Enninger. He was one of the greatest fiddlers and tune collectors of his day and worked for most of his life in the small town of Höör, right in the middle of Skåne. He passed away in 1908. Svanevit took great joy in taking part in Enninger's passions, reading diary notes, imagining this great musician playing his fiddle, surrounded by the music he saved for posterity, then finally making the wealth and gifts of his music their own, bringing it to life once more. 

1. Rikedom och gåvor
2. Billinge
3. När jag om morgonen
4. Kardborren
5. Lördagsafton
6. Jubileumspolska
7. Jungfrun och näcken
8. Åleätarns vals
9. Allt vad vi på jorden äga
10.Enningers finaste
11.Upp miin tunga
12.Bellmans vals
13.Brist hjärta i stycken
14.När som elden